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 Jon Jen Soap Co manufactures and distributes Red Burst Body Soap Bar “with Baking Soda” Natural Oils. Our goal is to dominate the mass market for natural emphasis soap bars with innovative packaging, and formulations with an emphasis on the men’s market, but with body bars the whole family will enjoy.  We make premium body bars at a mass market price so you can stimulate traffic to your health and beauty aisle,  and keep your customers coming back.  Red Burst products are targeted to be natural emphasis  ingredient soaps with mostly pure better for you skin ingredients to leave your customer feeling Crisp, Clean and Refreshed to start their day. Our unique soap blends, specialized baking soda formula and perceived higher quality, gives your store an advantage by offering your customers a unique product that is differentiated from mass market, low price, shelf brands. 

The Canadian men's cosmetic market is worth about $1.6B retail sales and growing quickly. The US men's cosmetics market is about $14B retail sales and is estimated to reach US $28B retail sales by 2014. At Jon Jen, we create targeted products from extensive consumer research to help you maximize your natural category HABA profits per square foot in your store.

As our valued partner, we'll work with you to provide timely service, fresh market category intelligence, provide updates on ideas to merchandise our products and create timely product to help you maximize your sales. We work hard to earn your trust each day as a supplier operating on the highest principle of business integrity and we'll provide you with an outstanding supplier customer relationship.

Michael Korman, President and CEO of Jon Jen Soap Co. Toronto, Canada