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What Our Customers Are Saying!

"My wife's friend bought her some of your soaps when she visited Toronto. She's delighted with these products and can't praise them enough. She says these soaps aren't drying and leave her skin feeling soft and smooth."

- Martin H.

“ My wife bought me Citrus Blast and Royal Evening spice. She wanted to display them in a bowl but I'm showering with Citrus Blast now. I can’t say enough. Finally I have a soap I can shave with, that’s non-drying and the suds are great. Way to go guys. Congratulations on making such a value added great soap."

- Melanie M.

“Forget my husband. These products are fabulous and I'm telling all my friends. I love the Citrus Blast and the eucalyptus oil in the Mint Breeze bar is amazing on my skin. Your products cost more but they offer much more value to my family. These oils are kind to my skin and I leave it on longer in comparison to my current Soap Bar since I don’t feel dry when I wash this soap off. I bought the Aqua Breeze and Rocky Mountain for my Husband since I noticed the Aqua Marine and the Tea Tree oils in those soaps."

- Ann P.

“ This soap is the very best. I’ve been using whatever was in my house but I love the scents, suds and enjoy holding a men's bar that doesn't dry my skin. I'm also shaving with the Rocky Mountain and my wife says the Tea Tree oil is good for my face. She also likes the rosemary in it. Keep it up guys and I’d love to see your next line of face products. I love to see several face balms with these natural oils.“

- John P.

”I’m in my fifties. I bought all five soaps and I’m currently showering with Rocky Mountain while my wife is holding your other RedBurst soaps in her dish. She likes the colors and natural scents in her bathroom ! …The square shape is easy to hold, the suds are top notch and my soap doesn’t melt as fast as cheaper soaps. I also like that RedBurst is pure soap made with natural oils."

-Jim H.